Agnès Balfegó

Date of Birth: 03/12/1992
Height: 5' 7"
Nationality: Spanish

Course Name:  BA (Hons) Dance
Graduation Year: 2018


Dancer in In-house Contemporary Dance showcase | Location: IAB Theater | Choreographed by Albert Garrell, Guido Sarli, Eva Martz, Jenn Blake (2018)
Dancer in Body & Language | Location: IAB Theater | Choreographed by Harriet Macauley, Hannes-Michael Bronczkowski, Alejandro Altamirano and Jen Blake (2018)
Dancer in Mundo Loco | Location: IAB Theater | Choreographed by Eva Martz (Martz Contemporary Dance Company), Alejandro Altamirano , Mandy Guidi and Justine Campagnard (2017)
Dancer in Anna T. De Keersmaeker Repertoire Rosas danst Rosas for "Día de la Danza 2015" | Location: Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid (2015)
Dancer in Shared Stage | Location: IAB | Choreographed by Quron Clarks, Oliver Melander, Megan McEvoy (2016)
Choreographer & dancer in the project “Foto de Familia" awarded in World Dance Movement as the most entertaining dance piece | Location: Barcelona (2017)
Choreographer & dancer in experimental short film Dreamers - Official selection of Young Talents in Choreoscope Dance Cinema Festival | Location: Barcelona (2016)
Dancer in Short film Revelations by Cia Proyecto Experimental | Location: Barcelona | Choreographed by Mauro Barahona (2014)


INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS BARCELONA, Liverpool John Moores University: BA (Hons) Dance - September 2015 - June 2018 (Anticipated)  Techniques Ballet, Cunningham, Horton, Flying low, Floorwork, Contact Improvisation, Release, Limón, Forsythe.improvisation, Jazz, Hip hop, Acting (Animal studies, Laban, method acting, Stanivslasky), voice and singing, composition and choreography.


Work - Marinela Dara: JVC repertoire, flying low y fighting monkey technique classes, improvisation, composition techniques with movement, narrative, voice, sound and props

Workshops - Geoffrey Colman (Stanivlasky technique), Raymi Renee (Maisner acting technique), Melanie Pappenheim (voice and singing)

SCAENA ROCHE MADRID (2014 - 2015) Foundation course in Modern Dance. Techniques: Floor, Graham, Ballet, Modern Jazz, Hiphop and Acrobatics.


Workshops and Master classes

  • B12 festival Berlin 2017
    • Cristina Mertzani and Evangelos Poulinas (FreeFall Company) - Partnerwork
    • Jos Baker (Peeping Tom Company) - Choreographic research
    • Helder Seabra (HelKa vzw company) - Repertoire and research
    • Thusnelda Mercy (Pina Bausch and Sasha Waltz) - Composition and improvisation
  • Hiroshima Barcelona 2017 - Humanhood Juli and Rudi - Humanhood practice and repertoire
  • Institute of the Arts Barcelona 2017
    • Catarina Carvalho (Wayne McGregor Company) - Repertoire and composition
    • Marinela Dara (Jasmine Vardimon Company) - Repertoire and composition
  • ESDM Barcelona 2016 - Pau Aran (Pina Bausch Tanztheater) - Composition in dance theater
  • Henry Jüriens Amsterdam 2016
    • Iñaki Azpillaga (Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez) - Physical theater and partnerwork.
    • Guy Nader (GN·MC Company) - Technique and repertoire
  • Dansart Barcelona 2016 - Anton Lachky (Anton Lachky Company) - Solo composition

Additional Information

  • Languages: Spanish (native), Catalan (native), English (fluent), French (advanced).
  • Interests: Photography, cinema, music, choreography, circus, cooking, yoga, meditation, philosophy.
  • Additional skills: Juggling, deep voice, acrobatics, cuban salsa, computer and editing skills, teaching.
  • Other: Bachelor in Business Administration (2010 - 2014), driving license, experience working in art foundations, backpacker hosterls, callcenter, African communication company.